After a lull in March fishing during the full moon phase, overall success for a variety of species has ramped way up in our fishing grounds in the Sea of Cortez. Leading the way are good numbers of striped marlin, one of our most popular spring species. Boats in our fleet are averaging 2-3 marlin caught and released per boat each day. In addition to spotting marlin “tailing” on the surface and catching them with pitched live and dead baits, anglers are trolling marlin lures to entice this hard-fighting species. Size range is 120-180#. A few big Pacific sailfish have been in the mix as well.

We’re starting to see wahoo already, which is quite a bit earlier in the year than normal for this fish, a species that makes for delicious table fare. While most of the specimens we’ve been catching are in the 20-30# range, we’ve seen a few pushing the 40# mark.

Another early arrival: roosterfish. This exotic inshore species has been showing up especially along the north-facing shoreline of our Bahia de las Palmas (Bay of the Palms), from near the marina at La Ribera all the way past Punta Colorada and Punta Arena. While most of the specimens are “small” (10-20#), we’re excited for when the big ones show up! By June, fish in the 50-80# class will be available. Our stretch of beach is known as “The Roosterfish Capital of the World.”

The 2016 El Nino weather pattern has our sea surface temperatures holding steady in the 74-78 degree range, and it’s shaping up to be yet another banner fishing season on the East Cape!